Sunday, 15 March 2009

New little bloggers

I have just added some new blogs on the blogs list. Did you notice?
Just in case you didn't notice that, the new " little bloggers" are:
Class 6C: Mónica, Noelia Rabuñal, Kevin, Ismael and Alejandro Correa.
Class 6E: Pedro Adrián and kamil .
Congrats kids for your new blogs and let me thank those "old little bloggers" who were helping with all this stuff. Especially Juanma who has helped with Isma's new blog. Great job, kids! I'm so proud of you! "THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR".


  1. The list is very long teacher :-)

  2. hoo tacher please como se pon la pagina official de estark krek

    samuel 3a
    cuando me lo digas dejamelo en el blog que tengo una entrada