Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dani Griffin's concert is on January 25th. What a show!!

Song: "Nobody is listening" by Dani Griffin
You who talk with your hands
Don't you understand?
Nobody is listening
Right is stronger than might
No reason to fight
Nobody is listening to you, no!
Noone's listening to you, no, no!

Two kids, they talk.
"Get lost! Shut up!"
They hurt with words
But that's not enough.
They use their hands
To show who's tough.
They hit, they cry.
They hurt, and why?
When you start to fight
Please stop and ask why.
Big Joe thinks he's cool!
Because he wins every fight.
He thinks being strong
is better than being liked.
The biggest and strongest
So often win the day.
It doesn't mean they're right,
Just that they got their way.
Violence on the TV
is fantasy, fantasy.
Violence in reality
means people cry or bleed.
The need to hurt is a sickness.
It's a plague, it's a big mess.
Don't buy it, don't try it.
Black eyes are not prizes.
So hey! Use some words,
not your hands.
Take a stand!


  1. Thank you very much teacher, my favorite song is this. bye ;)

  2. Good work, Aurora! Thanks to share it.

  3. i like the song africa os dani ......uuuuh dani the i was in he concert...i´m of of daniiiii¡¡¡¡¡¡ i´m a kid of 11 years ....i like a concert ..dani is very very good singer...we , my class, like a concert. this computer is of my mum.kises ....alex

  4. Thanks for your comments, Héctor and Tere, and thank you very much to Dani Griffin for his songs, of course! :-)

  5. :-)))) Thank you, Alex. Yes, Dani is awesome!

  6. These songs of "Africa", "A Friends" and the "Nobody is Listening" we are learning in the school Magallanes (Santander, Cantabria).

  7. This is a great song, ¿lo he dicho bien?

  8. HOla me gusta esta cancion es bastante buena