Thursday 10 May 2012

Vote for Hector's movie

 Hi there! 
Let's vote for Héctor Rodriguez Martínez and his fantastic movie in the video contest "Reforéstate con Voz Natura" 
Hector is the director, producer, actor, camera ... It's great! 

Well done, Hector!
We hope you win because you deserve it.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Heroma's Productions



Hi guys,
Remember Hector's video "How to park?" ·
Well if you had fun with it, I recommend you to see more videos of  his own production.
This time, his new movie is: " The helpful box" or "El baúl útil".  Amazing script, effects, casting and direction.
And as always very well done and very funny.
Remember that  Hector's videos are all subject to copyright.
Go on, Héctor. We need people like you.

Monday 21 June 2010

It's hard to say goodbye

My dear Little Bloggers,
It's time to say goodbye. School is out and next School Year you will be at Secondary School.
I hope you will be fine, you work hard and you will keep in touch.
I'm going to miss you.

Monday 22 March 2010

PhotoPeach Planet

* Héctor as HeRoMa with 8 public shows and 1 public Quiz.

* Sabela as Sabela with 5 public shows and 1 public Quiz.

* Ignacio as Ignacio with 2 public shows.

* Nekane as Nekane with 6 public shows and 1 public Quiz.

* Esteban as Esteban with 2 public shows and 1 public Quiz.

* Julián as Julioc with 1 public show.

* Cristian as Cristian with 1 public show.

* Bárbara as Barbarasaez with 1 public show.

* J. Orlando as Sanchezone with  3 public shows and 1 public Quiz..

* Amanda as AMANDARADI231298 with 2 public shows and 1 public Quiz.

* Li Xiang as Xiang with 1 public show.

* Saray as Saray with 2 public shows and 1 public Quiz.

* Alex as ReyesValinas with 1 public show.

* Daniel as Daniergzlnc With 2 public shows.

* Antía as Antia with 1 public show.

* Martin as Regueiro with 1 public show.

* Fernando as Fernando with 1 public show.

* Alex Reg. as 123pdb with 1 public show.

* Miguel as Mirepre60 with 2 public shows.

* Daniel R. as danieldadestructa with 1 public quiz

* Sandra as Suarezsandra7 With 2 public shows.

* Rania as raniabb With 2 public shows

Sunday 28 February 2010

Class 6E on Planet Pandora

Sorry but where is Antía's avatar?
Did you leave Pandora, Antía?
Come back, please! We need you!

*... and the others? Where are they? Come with us. We need your help!
Avatar: Neytiri (GIF images)